Office Cleaning

Having a clean, safe and organized work environment is crucial for any business to maintain high job satisfaction and maximum efficiency. More so, proper maintenance of your furniture, floors, and carpets not only improves their appearance, but can extend their life, resulting in lower long-term costs for your company.

We will partner with you to create a system that works the way you need and meets all the specific requirements your company has. Our equipment, products and practices are of the highest caliber to ensure that your facility receives the most effective service.
All of our staff members are continuously trained and evaluated on the best practices for sanitation, cleanliness and safety. We have supervisors visiting every jobsite on a regular basis to guarantee that the delivery of our services are only of the Top Quality. All employees are fully insured and bonded for their safety and the safety of your company.

Our Office Cleaning Services include:

Reception Areas

The front reception is the customer’s first impression of your company. You want it to always look bright, clean and inviting.

  • Interior and exterior glass cleaning
  • Dusting all furniture, computers, telephones and ledges
  • Vacuum and clean all carpets and floors
  • Trash removal and blue bin sorting

Private Office Spaces

This is your private space and will always look immaculate with regular maintenance.

  • Dust and wipe all desks, computers, (disinfect) phone handsets, clean window ledges, filing cabinets and chairs.
  • Vacuum and clean all carpets mop hard surface floors
  • Empty waste receptacles including blue bins
  • Spot clean doors, light switches and partitions


Clean and sanitized washrooms are crucial in any work environment for the comfort and safety of your employees.

  • Clean and sanitize all toilets, urinals sinks, counters dispensers, showers and touch spots
  • Mop and sanitize floors
  • Trash removal


The place where your employees prepare and/or eat their food must be cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis for their safety.

  • Clean and sanitize all sinks, fixtures, counters, and appliances
  • Wipe and dust tables and chairs
  • Mop and sanitize floors
  • Trash removal

If you have any questions, please call us or request an estimate! You can also check out our FAQ page for more information.