Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance

While it may be difficult to see, your carpet has years of dust, dirt, and contamination trapped inside its fibers. This not only reduces the appeal of your space but can also be harmful to your loved ones, employees and customers. With just one carpet cleaning, years of dust, dirt and germs are removed, renewing the look of your space and giving your carpets a new beginning. If done regularly by a professional technician, carpet cleaning can also significantly increase your carpet’s lifespan.

All of our staff members are continuously trained and evaluated on the best practices for complete steam cleaning, deep extraction, stain removal, and carpet care. In addition, our supervisors will visit your jobsite to guarantee that the delivery of our services are only of the Top Quality. You can trust that we will pay special attention to spots, heavy traffic areas and stains by using the appropriate techniques and treatment suited for your carpet.

Our Process:

Step One:
Immediately following arrival, technicians will pre-spray carpet with safe and non-allergenic enzyme.

Step Two:
Technicians will use high-power machines for deep extraction. The machine sprays hot water into your carpet, and immediately extracts it along with dirt, bacteria, and remaining enzyme.

Step Three:
Carpets are sanitized, deodorized and left clean and refreshed.

If you have any questions, please call us or request an estimate. You can also check out our FAQ page for more information.