Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I have to sign a long term contract?
    No, you sign nothing at all! Both parties work off of a written proposal that details the services to be provided and their cost. You can change or even cancel your janitorial and floor/carpet maintenance service with a phone call – we just ask that you provide a notice 30 days in advance if possible, with the reason for cancellation and some time allocated to rectify the issue if it has to do with the quality of our services.
    Will we always have the same cleaner?
    To build a healthy rapport and trust with each of our clients, we strive to maintain continuity within the cleaners and technicians that service your location. You can look forward to years and years of consistent care from your designated cleaners and technicians.
    Will my facility be supervised to ensure that the service I am receiving is done right and with the highest quality?
    Yes! One of our TTQS Supervisors will inspect your facility on a regular basis (even daily in some cases) to ensure that the job gets done perfectly. Potential issues, if any, will be identified and rectified immediately.
    Are the products used environmentally friendly?
    Yes! We carry an entire line of environmentally-friendly “green” products, from floor detergents to glass cleaners. They will be used in your facility immediately upon request.
    Can you unlock/lock and alarm the building?
    As both Janitorial and Specialty Cleaning Services normally takes place outside of normal business hours, we provide all clients with the convenience of unlocking/locking and alarming their buildings. All of our employees are trustworthy and reputable and will ensure your facility is secure.
    How do I get started?
    Simply click on the “Request Free Estimate” button or call (905) 456-1147 and we will be happy to assist you and get you on your way to a Top Quality clean!